India, i "marines" italiani in albergo

International The News (Editor-in-Chief, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman) scrive in una breve corrispondenza, datata Thursday, May 31, 2012 e intitolata Italian marines: “THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India: An Indian court granted bail on Wednesday to two Italian marines charged with murdering two fishermen in a case that has caused a diplomatic row, reports said”.

Express News Service in un articolo Last Updated : 31 May 2012 08:26:58 AM IST a firma di Toby Antony/ P Ramdas scrive:
“KOCHI: Once they come out of Borstal School, the Italian marines will be staying at the five-star Trident Hotel in Willingdon Island. The decision to shift the marines to Trident Hotel came as other Italian officials, including Consul-General Giampaolo Cuttillo, are staying there. Currently, a seven-member team of Italian delegates is staying in the hotel.
Kochi City Police Commissioner M R Ajith Kumar said the Trident Hotel comes within a distance of 10 kms from his office.
“While granting them bail, the High Court had held that the marines should stay within a distance of 10 km from the City Police Commissioner’s office. So they would be staying in the
Trident Hotel. The official confirmation from the Italian side in this regard would be announced later,” M R Ajith Kumar said.
But the officials of the Trident Hotel are yet to confirm the news.
“We have not been informed about the shifting of Italian marines to the hotel. Currently, we have the facility to accommodate them,” a spokesperson of Trident Hotel said.
At the Trident Hotel, the Italians will have to shell out `3,500-4,000 daily for a single-occupancy room. The food will be prepared according to the choice of each person. The Italian delegates staying here prefer Italian food. Besides, other types of food are also prepared according to their preference”.
Tutto ciò non significa che gli indiani abbiano rinunciato a processare e condannare i due fucilieri del San Marco.

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